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International Seaplane Training has selected a well-versed workhorse as its model of choice for training...

the Cessna 180

With a strong global reputation and a proven history as a capable seaplane, the Cessna 180 is an ideal training platform. It exhibits common flight characteristics found in many types of seaplanes, and with flexible performance and a highly-responsive airframe, the 180 offers a challenging, tactile experience to trainees that develops serious technique.

The aircraft at IST are also equipped with performance modifications that allow them to perform in similar fashion to their other cousins in the Cessna family, the 182, 185, 206, and the 208.

  • Seats: 4
  • Gross Weight 3190
  • Empty Weight 2100
  • Useful Load 1090
  • Fuel Capacity 80 USG
  • Cruise speed 105 knots
  • Max Range 4.5 hours / 500 nautical miles

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