International Seaplane Training

in co-operation with the Harbour Air Group



“Where do you come from?”

It’s a thought provoking question that can provide information about both our identities and our backgrounds – igniting our passions and inspirations.

So… where do we come from? International Seaplane Training was developed in partnership with the Harbour Air Group, alongside professional seaplane pilots and instructors from various parts of Canada.

In Canada, seaplanes are not a novelty – they are an essential transportation component in many parts of the country. International Seaplane Training is in one of these hotspots – Vancouver, BC.

Seaplanes have a long history in Vancouver; in fact since as early as the 1920’s, Vancouver has been a training ground to teach pilots to fly aircraft off the water. Fast-forward to today, and not only is Vancouver home to some of the busiest seaplane ports in the world, but a large number of those activities can be attributed to the Harbour Air Group of companies, one of the largest all-seaplane airlines in the world.

With over 30 years’ experience in seaplane operations, the Harbour Air group’s methodical approach and sterling reputation for reliability and safety have become a benchmark in the industry. That same safety-based culture and methodical approach are the values that International Seaplane Training was founded upon, and accordingly – the same values that we instill in our operation.

From these combinations of experience, values and best practices, International Seaplane Training has developed the Professional Seaplane Pilot Program. And with a team of professional, hand-picked instructors, we are emerging as the destination where seaplane pilots train to be just that – Professionals.

So ask yourself…

Where do you want to come from?

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