International Seaplane Training

in co-operation with the Harbour Air Group


What you need to become a working Seaplane Pilot.

Ready for a career as a Seaplane pilot? Aside from a passion for aviation and the outdoors, here’s what you’ll need;

A pilot must first hold a current commercial pilot licence from an ICAO member state as a minimum. The pilots licence must be validated by a class 1 medical certificate, and the candidate must hold any additional certification required by their licensing state, i.e. a radio certificate.

Once the basic pilot certification requirements are met, the pilot can seek out additional training to qualify them on seaplanes. Regrettably, these courses range tremendously with regards to the level of experience provided, the quality of the trainers and…of course, the cost. This can be as extreme as certifying a pilot to operate seaplanes after only 7 hours of experience, to full licences on seaplanes. In addition, there are various ’50-hour’ programs available worldwide, and at a much wider price point that provide seaplane training to pilots.

International Seaplane Training is different.




  • IST exists to create the safest pilots possible. We will not compromise your training. Our candidates leave our program as safe, qualified seaplane pilots- or they are not certified by us. The objective at IST is to raise the worldwide standard in seaplane flying.

We stand with the best.

  • The partnership between the Harbour Air Group and International Seaplane Training is one in which you are being trained according to the same standards used by one of the safest, largest, and most successful seaplane companies in the world. For more information on Harbour Air, their history and safety record, please visit

We employ only truly experienced instructors.

  • ALL instructors have worked extensively (minimum 3000 hours) as pilots in command (PICs) in the seaplane industry prior to joining IST
  • ALL instructors have prior experience conducting seaplane training prior to joining International Seaplane Training.
  • In addition to the thousands of hours accrued flying seaplanes, ALL our instructor’s flight hours have primarily been in coastal British Columbia flying in all types of weather conditions. Not only does this experience give you insights that you cannot get from less qualified mentors, it also allows you to learn from some of the most experienced seaplanes pilots in the world who can recount real life experiences and engage you in critical thinking, decision making and risk management.

When deciding on your seaplane training provider, you simply have to decide –

how important is the quality of your training?

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