International Seaplane Training

in co-operation with the Harbour Air Group

Our Mandate

“To provide the highest-quality comprehensive seaplane training available.”


Stage One: Seaplane Fundamentals.

In this preparatory course, you will receive your introduction to the world of seaplanes. Initial ground training will take you through the finest details of preparing a seaplane for flight, and our development-based lesson plan will ensure that you lay a strong foundation on which to build your skills. When you are ready, a written exam and flight evaluation will mark your completion of the first stage of our training program, and your progression onto Stage two.


Stage Three: Applied Concepts.

You’ve put in your best effort and have honed your skills in a bevvy of challenging conditions. Now, set yourself to work in the world where efficiency matters: In Applied Concepts, a series of staged operational flights will introduce you to the finer points of keeping a flight schedule where it needs to be: safe and productive. These flights will present you with real world challenges and situations that will test your new skills and resourcefulness with the daily pressures of a seaplane pilot’s operational environment.

Stage Two: Expanded Proficiency.

You’ve learned the basics – now is the time to develop your new skills. Following a carefully prepared set of ground and inflight lesson plans, this course will take you where you haven’t been – from up in the mountains, to down on the river. Topics covered will include things such as hydrodynamics and water handling, techniques for a variety of conditions including wind, swell, current and abnormal situations. When you have successfully completed the training, a written exam and flight evaluation will test your understanding – and your skill.

Ground-Based Operational Training Course

In our ground-based operational training program, get knee-deep into the collective experiences of professional seaplane pilots. This course will present you with opportunities to exercise your skills in problem solving, and will expand your ability to recognize and utilize your resources. This operational training will discuss the nature of and challenges faced by a professional seaplane pilot, and will provide you with the opportunity to expand your knowledge and awareness in areas such as:

  • Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation.
  • Decision-Making and SRM/CRM (cockpit resource management)
  • Human Factors
  • Marine Law
  • Operations

The training will also include real world situational analysis, situational-based training, ‘tricks of the trade’ and a whole world of information that, well – you didn’t know that you didn’t know.

By the end of this course, you will be significantly better equipped to handle the challenges of a seaplane pilot – you will have a tool belt full of tricks and ideas, and a wealth of knowledge that will see you making better choices when they matter the most.

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